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         Mihoshi's last name is Kuraimitsu.  She's 23 years old and a Galaxy Police First Class Detective.  She's a very nice person and a bubblehead sometimes.  Mihoshi always seems to get out of trouble because of her extraordinary luck, though wherever she goes, she brings disaster to the people around her or causes massive damage, not that she wants to.   Generally, she's a ditz, messy, slacker who loves to watch TV and prefers to nap and eats snack.  
         In the OVA, she's the grand daughter of the Marshall.  She definitely has connection.  Mihoshi is third lady who also has feelings for Tenchi.  Difference in the TV series, she doesn't seem to have any interest in him.  However she has a partner, Kiyone, who she always drives crazy.   She loves her partner a lot and depends on   

her to make things right.  Mihoshi is also a crybaby whenever she makes a mess.   It would not be the same without her in the series though.