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Tenchi The Movie 2: Daughter of Darkness

            This movie has good animation sequence, nice coloring, and great motion-picture photography.  It follows the OVA series and starts with a flash back of Startica Festival on Jurai.  We see young Yosho making friend with Yuzuha, a demoness.  A few months later, at the Masaki house on a hot summer day, a young girl named Mayuka appears and claims to be Tenchi's daughter.  Ryoko and Ayeka already have to

fight each other for Tenchi's attention.  Now they have another competitor. Hiding in the  background is Yuzuha, the Demoness of Darkness, and also Mayuka's mother.  She uses her hair and Tenchi's hair to create her daughter.  Mayuka is an innocent, hyper, energentic little girl.  She's become friend with the whole family except for Ryoko.  Ryoko is always suspicious of Mayuka and tries to protect Tenchi, but Sasami and Mayuka get along really well.  
    Yuzuha has a grudges against Yosho that she holds for more than seven hundred years and now she's planning her revenge using Mayuka.  Yuzuha controls Mayuka's mind and makes her captures Sasami to the Dimension of Darkness.  So now Tenchi must fights to save his friends and Mayuka, daughter or not.  Ryoko and Tenchi follows her, and fight against her mother.  This demoness in the end kills Mayuka because she disobeys her order to kill Tenchi.  With the help of Ayeka, Tenchi uses the Light Hawk Sword to defeates Yuzuha and rescues Sasami.   Without Mayuka, everything is not the same anymore.  Everyone misses her including Ryoko.  So our greatest genius scientist brings Mayuka back to life.  Ryoko promises to be Mayuka's trainer with great enthusiastic.  =o)