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Tenchi Forever
It's the third movie  and suppose to be the ending for the TV series.  It's based on relationship more than saving the universe from evil villain.  Similar to Shin Tenchi, a new girl named Haruna appears in his life.  She's actually just a ghost living in a camelia tree.  One day when Tenchi walks into the mountain and passes her tree, she takes him inside.  In a parallel  world for the next six month, Haruna uses Tenchi's Jurai power to creat her dream world that she's always wanted.  In there, he's matures into 21 or 22 years old guy, an art student and all around a good boyfriend to Haruna.   Though he doesn't remember either Ryoko and Ayeka, but an image of a girl with spike blue hair keeps appearing in his mind and whenever he draws that image, Haruna goes into one of her fit of jealousy.  

During this whole time, Ryoko and Ayeka team up and go look for Tenchi.  They're pretty nice to each other when they're not fighting.  When they find him and confront this new woman, he tries to protect her and asks them to leave them alone.  There is nothing Ryokor or Ayeka can do but leave with heavy hearted.  Washu informs them that once Tenchi's power is exhausted, he will die there.  So they try to figure out a way to open a gate to that world and bring him out.  Of course no one can convince Haruna to let go of Tenchi, except Yosho.  He goes into the tree and talks to her, to convince her to let his grandson goes and finally she did.  The last thing to do is to get him out of that parallel world.  

What does all this has to do with Yosho?  Well, long ago when he was young and still lives on Jurai, he fells in love with Haruna, but was not approve since she wasn't a royalty and he was.  So he left Jurai and took her with him to find another place where they could live together.  When they get to Earth, Haruna got sick and died.  Yosho decides to stay on Earth and wherever he goes, he plans a Camelia tree because her favorite flower is Camelia.  Without the satisfaction of having her dream with Yosho comes true, she takes Tenchi instead and creates her dream world.  

This movie has very nice background and mature character design.  It doesn't really end with Tenchi choses a girl to be with.  So that's a disappointment, but it shows pretty clear through out the movie and especially at the end who he choses.  It's a pretty good movie, but not the best in all three Tenchi movies.