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    In the TV series, Ryoko is an infamous space pirate who crashes on Earth and falls in love with a boy named Tenchi.  She lives at the Masaki residence with Tenchi.  She always tries to protect him from harm and tries to get very close to him all the time.  Her fight with princess Ayeka for his affection is what makes Tenchi's life more lively.
     In the OVA series, she is about two thousand years old.   She has three gems for power.  Two of them are on  

her wrist, and the third on is at the base of her neck.  With those gem, she has the potential of create the Light Hawk Wings just like Tenchi.  When she was under Kagato's power.  He uses the gems to control her and sent her to attack Jurai.  That's when Yosho used the Tenchi-ken to take all her gems and imprisoned her in the Masaki Shrine.  Ryoko stayed in there for seven hundred years until the day Tenchi releases her.  She knows Tenchi every since he was a little boy because he usually comes to play in front of her cave, where she was imprisoned.  As he grows older, she falls deeply in love with him.  The same as the Ryoko in the TV series, she fights with Ayeka and stays around him a lot.  Even when he's sleeping, she would watch him.  She's very nice person though she doesn't like to show that side of her.