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OVA's first series: Tenchi Muyo
Episode #1: The Resurrection of Ryoko
There's a legend about a demon, who was defeated by a warrior named Yosho. He then imprisoned this demon in the Masaki Shrine in Kurashiki, Japan.  Seven hundred years later, the shrine is run by Katsuhito.  His grandson, Tenchi Masaki, is a high school student.  One day, out of curiosity, he steals his grandfather's key and opens the gate to the cave.  In there, he finds the sword that defeated the demon which he thinks is "just a piece of junk."  Then, Tenchi accidentally breaks the seal and releases the demon, Ryoko.  After regaining her superpower, she launches an assault on Tenchi, chasing him throughout the school and in the end blows it up.  Tenchi finally manages to destroy her source of power, which is the gem she wears on her right hand.  After the defeat, Ryoko leaves by phasing through the ground.  

Episode #2: Here comes Ayeka
When Tenchi gets home, he finds Ryoko sleeping in his room.  And he actually thought he has escaped from trouble.   Meanwhile out in space, Princess Ayeka of the planet Jurai is on her way to find her long lost fiancee named Yosho, who is also her step brother.  Ewww, what kind of society is Jurai?  Brother marries sister.  That's just disgusting.  Anyway, instead of finding him, she finds Ryoko, alive and well, not to mention no longer a criminal because of the Statue of Limitation.  At Tenchi's house, Ryoko finally convinces him to give back her gems.  However, he only lets her have one of the three.  So she calls Ryo-oh-ki, her spaceship, to escape, but is captured by Ayeka.  In the fight between the two girls, it results in a big space ship crash leaving Ayeka and Sasami stranded on Earth.  

Episode #3: Hello Ryo-oh-ki
Without transportation, the two princesses have to stay at Tenchi's house along with Ryoko.  Ayeka becomes depressed because of the unfamiliar surroundings.  Sasami, on the other hand, copes with life on Earth pretty well.  In addition, another Ryo-oh-ki hatches from the spaceship egg.

Episode #4: Mihoshi Falls To The Land Of Stars
Summer gives way to autumn and the Masaki household takes a visit to a hot springs resort.  Ryoko tries to flirt and seduces Tenchi, but she doesn't do a very job.  While His father, Nobuyuki, tries to peek at the lady side of the hot springs, Ayeka goes crazy when Tenchi sees her naked.  When the two girls get into a cat fight, Ryoko creates a monster, but she cannot control it without another gem on her right hand.  So the monster roams around and destroys the hot springs.  Luckily, it's sucked into a space pocket.  A new character is introduced in this episode.  Mihoshi, a female Galaxy policewoman, comes out of that space pocket.  She meets Tenchi and become the third person to a compete for his love.

Episode #5: Kagato Attack
Mihoshi joins the Tenchi's group as new roommate, making his life more lifely than ever.  One of the most wanted criminal in the universe, Kagato, shows up and claims Ryoko to be his property.  In fact, he controls her and makes her do all his dirty works.  He was also the one that sent Ryoko to destroy Jurai which she failed to do because of Yosho.  Now he wants to take her back.  Though Tenchi and his grandfather try to stop him, he manages to kidnap Ryoko and take her back to his ship.  At this point, Ayeka finds out that Katsuhito is actually Yosho, but now he is old and married.  So he suggests that she'll be better off with his grandson.  As for Tenchi, he discovers that he's the crown prince and heir to the throne of Jurai.  Then off he goes to rescue Ryoko with Ayeka, and Mihoshi.   

Episode #6: We Need Tenchi.  
On the Ryu-oh (Ayeka's ship), Tenchi uses its light hawk wing to fire at Kagato's ship, but was no match for the Soujii and gets killed when the Ryu explodes. After losing Tenchi, the girls storm Kagato's ship.  While Mihoshi gets lost in the reverse side of the ship, she accidentally frees the captive Washu, a science genius.  She confesses to be Ryoko's creator, but would rather think of herself as Ryoko's mother.  As Kagato directs his destruction ray to fire on Earth, Tenchi is resurrected by the Goddess, Tsunami.  He reappears on the Soujii and defeats Kagato using his own light hawk wings.