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Galaxy Police Mihoshi's Space Adventure
Episode # 7:  The Night Before The Carnival
Well, now that the Kagato incident is over, Tenchi settles in a life with five beautiful girls and Ryo-oh-ki.  He becomes a guinea pig for Washu's organic experiment.  Ryoko and Ayeka fight constantly for his affection.  After failing to catch his attention using the "Earth style" they learn from Noboyuki's comic book, the two girls cooperate to make a plan on getting rid of Mihoshi since she's in their way.  Unfortunately their plan fails, Mihoshi requetes to reassign to patrol the solar system so she can be with her friends and Tenchi of course.  

Mihoshi Special

Nobody can deny the fact that Mihoshi is one beautiful police officer, but she's kind of a featherbrain.  When Ayeka wonders how she can become a cop, she defends herself by telling a story about one of her most famous case that she solved.  In this story, she casts all the Tenchi's gang in the roles of the people in the case.  So Ryoko takes the role as the space pirate, Ayeka as the daughter of a intergalactic conglomerate's president, Tenchi as a Galaxy Police detective, Washu as a mad scientist and Sasami as Mihoshi's apprentice.  Along with all these people is Kiyone, Mihoshi's partner.  This case involves Ultra Engery Matter rob by Ryoko for Washu to make the Galaxy Destroyer which will annihilate the universe.