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OVA 2nd Series: Tenchi Muyo Infinity

Episode #8: Hello! Baby
One day, Tenchi's aunt comes and asks Tenchi to take care of her grandson for a while.  None of the household members have much experience with the baby.  Ryoko and Ayeka tries to impress Tenchi by taking care of the baby, Taro, but they don't do a very good job at it.  Mihoshi is at her usually cheery self trying to help.  It's just hillarious when she tries to change the baby's diaper.  You definitely should see this episode.  With the baby around, Washu actually stops doing research and experiments, she spends her time taking care of the baby and does it extremely well.  A surprising past of her is unveiled, why she would rather take a child form than an adult form and her motivation to create Ryoko.    

Episode #9: Sasami & Tsunami
Autumn comes and the old lady at the hot spring resort invites Tenchi and company to pay a visit.  They think they are in for a treat, but actually they're invited to fix the damaged building, do the cooking and laundry.  Then a white ghost is sighted meandering about the inn.  This mysterious shadow is revealed to be a part of Sasami.  Years ago when Ryoko was attacking the Royal Palace of Jurai, Sasami wandered into a place, where all the trees of Jurai were.  She fell and was hurt badly, so the tree, Tsunami, assimilated with her and healed her wound.  Sasami keeps this secret for a long time.  She's afraid that if she tells Ayeka, then Ayeka won't love her anymore.  However when she tells her sister the truth, she finds out that Ayeka still loves her no matter what.  Well, this episode ends with a little picnic in the evening, and of course Ayeka and Ryoko arguing who's prettier than who.  

Episode #10: I Love Tenchi
One sunny day, Ryoko found Tenchi's mom's kimono.  She puts it on and ask Tenchi how she looks.  Of course, he thought she looks pretty in the kimono.  Then she accidentally ripped out the sleeve, which makes Tenchi pretty ticked.  In moment of anger, he said that he hates her (he's so mean).  He doesn't really mean it, but it hurted Ryoko's feeling and Ryo-oh-ki as well bedcause she thought he was talking to her.  Even though he said he was sorry, Ryo-oh-ki still doesn't go back to being cheerful.  When she meets the mass ( which means the element of all things), it takes on her desire which is to help Tenchi with his work.  It breaks out of its container, and goes to the field where Tenchi is.  Ryo-oh-ki in trying to protect Tenchi from the mass, she assimulates with it and can change from the cabbit form to a little girl form.  

Episode #11: The Advent Of The Goddess
With the goddessTokimi's order, Dr. Clay, a science genius, headed for Earth to capture Washu. He, then, captures Ryoko, and lets his assassin named Zero to make a complete copy itself after Ryoko.  Zero's mission is to bring Washu to him.  What he didn't expect is that Zero not just looks like Ryoko, but also thinks and feels the way Ryoko does.  The real Ryoko doesn't show her true feeling about Tenchi, but the fake one does.  This is when we see the soft side of Ryoko.  She blushs, gets nervous and is embarrassed whenever Tenchi is with her and she can't do her job.  So Dr. Clay orders her to kill Tenchi.  
In this episode, we see a little glimpse of a very important person for the third series and the mysterious new guy too.  

Episode #12: Zero Ryoko
Though Zero is orderd to kill Tenchi, her feelings for him are so strong; She couldn't do it.  Washu finds out that Zero is not the real thing and drags the whole Tenchi gang to rescue Ryoko.  Tenchi, Ayeka, and Mihoshi get lost in the labyrinth inside Dr. Clay's ship.  Luckily Washu finds him and the real Ryoko, but he manages to escape when Zero turns on him and takes Washu's side.  He, then, sends part of his ship, which has Tenchi, Ayeka and Mihoshi, to a Black Hole.  Our hero, Tenchi, uses his Light Hawk Wings to get out of the Black Hole.  Ryo-oh-ki changes into her ship form and captures Dr. Clay, so Mihoshi can bring him back to the Galaxy Police Headquarter.   Afterward, Washu puts Ryoko and Zero together, so sometimes Ryoko acts a little silly and giddy.  

Episode #13: Here comes Jurai
Three visitors come to the Masaki residence without warning: Azusa, the Emperor of Jurai, Lady Funaho, Yosho's mother, and Misaki, Ayeka and Sasami's mother.  Here we find out that Ryoko's three gems are the one that keeps the Funaho tree and Yosho alive, which means those gems have the power to create the Light Hawk Wings.  Of course, Lady Funaho doesn't come to Earth just to visit Yosho, but also to ask Washu to provide the space ship technology that can reproduce.  The science genius refuses to help Jurai, but she said she won't give that technology to anyone else neither.  Azusa comes to Earth with a purpose, which is to bring back his two daughters, but they didn't want to go.  He even finds a fiance for Ayeka, a royal named Seiryo.  Personally I think that guy is just a jerk with pink hair.  Anyway, Azusa challenges Tenchi to a duel with Seiryo.  If Tenchi wins, he will let Ayeka and Sasami stays on Earth.  If Tenchi loses, his daughters will come back home.  The duel is about to start when Mihoshi's ship lands into the pond in front of the Masaki house, and creates a huge wave which washes over the two competitors.  Tenchi is able to stand his ground, but Seiryo couldn't, so he loses.  As promised, Azusa and his wives leave for Jurai.  The Emperor isn't very happy with Tenchi, and will continue to plot against him.