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Tenchi Universe: Earth Chapter

Episode #1: No Need For Discussion!
On his way back from school, Tenchi Masaki finds a mysterious beautiful girl named Ryoko.  She falls in love with him at first sight and declares her love for him.  She's not your normal Earth girl.  Ryoko is actually a space pirate and the most wanted criminal in the universe.  Then a Galaxy Police Detective named Mihoshi comes and tries to arrests Ryoko, but unfortunately she fails and cause all sort of troubles.  So now two beautiful girls stay at Tenchi's house.  He's such a lucky guy.  =o)  

Epsidoe #2: No Need For A Princess!
The crown princess Ayeka of the planet Jurai catches a distress signal from Mihoshi on Earth and off she goes to the rescue.  On Earth, she finds her old and not so friendly acquaintance, Ryoko.  The two girls start fighting and end up destroying each other's ship.

Episode #3: No Need For Worries!
Without transportation, Ayeka is strained on Earth, and gradually she falls in love with the high school boy, Tenchi.  Then her little sister, princess Sasami, arrives to take her home.  Ryoko's cute little cabbit also join the cast in this epiosde.  Her name is Ryo-oh-ki and she can change into a space ship,too.  Isn't that cool? ^_^

Episode #4: No Need For Monsters!
There's a legend about a monster imprisoned in the Masaki Shrine for centuries.  Ryoko takes,(actually she forced him to go with her) Tenchi with her to go explore the shrine to see if the legend is real.  Out of jealousy, Ayeka follows them.  The two girls start another fight and accidentally release the monster.  It turns out to be a genius scientist, Washu, who was kicked out of the science academy and banished for creating a mass destruction weapon.   Another beautiful lady joins the Masaki household.

Episode #5: No Need For Partners!
A new character is introduced in this episode, Kiyone.  She's a capable Galaxy police.  She was so happy when she thought her parter, Mihoshi, died during the mission.   Too bad for her, GP Headquarter, later, informs her that her partner is waiting on Earth to be rescued.  On Earth, Kiyone not only finds Mihoshi but also the two princesses of Jurai and the infamous criminal Ryoko.  She has quite a shock.

Eposide #6: No Need For Resident Officers!
Well, Kiyone and Mihoshi is now assigned to patrol the Solar System.  Mihoshi is as happy as ever can be since she'll be able to be with her friends on Earth.  As for Kiyone, she's just miserable.  Who can blame her, her chance of promotion just goes down the toilet.  So the two officers try to cop with a new life.  Since the expense of earth is too expensive, aside from their day job, they have to take part time jobs to pay for the rents.  Poor Kiyone, her partner keeps on screwing things up and gets the both of them fire.  

Episode #7: No Need For Carnival!
A carnival is taking place near the Masaki Shrine, and all the girls volunteer to help out.  Washu with her scary dimensions; Ayeka and Ryoko with their shooting gallery; Mihoshi and Kiyone with their noodle and cotton candy sale booth.  Tenchi and Sasami have a blast at the carnival.  Unfortunately it ends with Mihoshi making ton of cotton candy that it spills into the street and burries anyone on its path.  

Episode #8: No Need For a Genuis!
This story is about the mad scientist "Little" Washu.  She was imprisoned as a punishment for creating a mass destructive weapon.  After centuries of not inventing anything, she makes a copy of herself to help her work twice as fast. Instead of inputing her brain's info to the copy, she accidentally inputs Mihoshi's instead.  So we have another Mihoshi, who looks just like Washu running around blowing things up because the household wouldn't let her out of the house.  Washu is not able to stop her since the copy has a self-defense system program in it.  Their only hope is Kiyone who shows up and saves the day.  Washu tries to fix her new invention, and this time, Ry-oh-ki messes it up.  So we have a Washu look alike acting like a cabbit.  Poor Little Washu, and after all her hard work, she still couldn't get it right.  

Episode #9: No Need For Memories!
This episode deals with emotion and gives information that will betoken of what will be ahead in the SPACE chapter.  It reveals the revival of Ryu-oh, and the swordmanship that Tenchi practices which looks like Jurai's style.  It has flash back to the time when Tenchi lost his mother.  Another side of Nobuyuki is showed.  Even though he's a little pervert sometime, he still loves his wife very much.  =o)

Episode #10: No Need For An Arch Rival!
Before crashing to Earth, Ryoko has quite a busy life if not being chased after the police then by Nagi, a bounty hunter.  Nagi comes to Earth with her spaceship, Ken-oh-ki, captures Tenchi and demands a duel with Ryoko in exchange of him.  Ken-oh-ki and Ryo-oh-ki have a thing for each other.  So they disobey their mistress and wouldn't fight one another in space.  This is where the genius scientist comes in.  She builds a special place on Mars for the two them to fight.  When it seems like Ryoko is about to lose, with a twist of fate and some unintentional help from Ayeka, she wins.  Nagi leaves her alone and promises that next time she will catch Ryoko for sure.

Time Travel & Space Adventures
Episodes # 11, 12, 13: "Time & Space Adventures Part 1-3"
Well, Washu invents a new toy called the Dimensional Cause & Effect Controller.  It's a device that can change the world to fit your desire.  Everybody races to input their wishes in the controller and causes it to malfunction and take everybody to one parallel world after another.

In Ayeka's world, she's Tenchi's fiance.  She orders Mihoshi and Kiyone to get rid of the demon of Roshomon, who is Ryoko.  She doesn't know that Ryoko is Tenchi's mistress, (or that is what Ryoko claims to be).  Like usual, Tenchi is stuck in the middle of these two girls' fight.

Mihoshi, in her world, has a carefree life as Tenchi's wife, and Sasami's mother.  She only has to endure the hardship of being Ayeka's sister in law.  She's very mean to Mihoshi.  No wonder she's still single.  Ryoko is Mihoshi's neighbor.

As for Kiyone, she finally gets her wish which is to get away from Mihoshi.  She lives happily in a far away town that no one knows of.  Before long, Mihoshi comes into her life again.  Poor Kiyone, even in her own world, she still cannot run away from her partner.

In the alternative world, Sasami is the Magical Girl, Pretty Sammy.  This is where we have the infamous kiss between Ryoko and Ayeka (they didn't really show the kiss, but still it's there).  These two turn their affection toward one another because Pretty Sammy puts a spell on them that they will become friends, but I guess the spell is a little bit too strong. =oP

As for Ryoko, she's an American gangster in her world.  Along with Tenchi, she robs money from banks and on the run.  When Washu comes to them and says that she is almost finished fixing the Controler.  She only needs them to come with her.  Well, Ryoko didn't want to go, but after some thinking, she goes with Washu and Tenchi back to their normal world.  She says to Tenchi that someday she will take him on a real adventure just the two of them.  =)