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Tenchi Universe: Space Chapter

Episode #14: No Need For A Rebellion!
When Tenchi is in school, Jurai authorities come and arrest Princess Ayeka and Princess Sasami on the charge of treason.  While they're on Earth, they see Ryoko, and arrests her too.  So Tenchi and the rest of the household flies into spaces to save the three girls with the help of our two lovely detectives.

Episode #15: No Need For An Escape!
At GP Headquarter, Mihoshi overhears a conversation between the Jurai Intelligent investigator and her boss.  So the whole headquarter tries to capture Mihoshi and her partner, Kiyone, but they were able to escape.  Mean while, Ryo-oh-ki and the Tenchi gang are surounded by Galaxy Police and Jurai ships.  Luckily, the two detectives come just in time to rescue them.  That's how they become the most wanted criminal in the universe.

Episode #16: No Need For Hiding!
The Tenchi gang is now heading for Jurai to find out the truth.  The karaoke sequence is the highlight sequence of the episode.  Because Ryoko spends their money on the karaoke machine, they're out of cash and out of fuel for the Yagami (Kiyone's ship).  So they open a bar to make some money.  They charge their customers cut throat prices.  The fact that Nagi actually pays a very ridiculous bill just for one drink shows she's a good person.  It also shows the childhood of Ryoko and Ayeka when they were 14 years old. Of course they always make themselves sound good in their story.  

Episode # 17: No Need For Hunger!
The whole gang is stuck in the middle of nowhere in space with shortage of food and with an engine problem.  Ayeka tells Ryoko to go grocery shopping.  So she takes off with Ryo-oh-ki.  Instead of buying food, she gambles with the money Ayeka gives her, and she hits a jackpot.  Still would not do her job, she indulges herself with expensive restaurants and five stars hotels.  By the time she remembers about buying food, she is out of money.  So what can she do, except robbing a bank and it's a bank of Jurai,too.  When she gets back to the Yagami with the money, the whole household is dying.  Ayeka goes into hysteria when she finds out where Ryoko got the money from.  And everybody is still hungry.

Episode #18: No Need For A Ghost!
The Yagami is now in the Sargasso Sea.  As they cross path with an old abandoned ship, their ship loses power.  While they were sleeping, a little ghost named Mirei comes to Sasami and takes her to the wrecked ship.  Sasami makes a new friend in this episode.  She has all kinds of fun with Meiri riding on a roller coaster, carousel, watching firework.  They're probably just a illusion that Meiri makes.  The Tenchi gang forms a rescue team to go look for Sasami.   Meiri and Sasami team up and scare the heck out of everyone.  The Tenchi gang couldn't find Sasami, so they go back to the ship and afterwards Sasami says goodbye to Meiri and accompanies the gang to Jurai.

Episode #19: No Need For Runaway
While Tenchi and company is eating at a station, the Yagami is hijacked by two teenagers, Amarube and Yura. Tenchi's group takes Ryo-oh-ki out to and chases after the hijackers.  They manage to take back control of the ship and escape the Galaxy Police at the same time.  In the rush of getting back the Yagami, they forget about Ayeka and Sasami and so left those two at the restaurant.  The princesses of Jurai have to wash dishes to pay for their meal.  Poor Ayeka.

Episode #20: No Need For Swimsuits!
At a beach resort, Tenchi and the gang take part time jobs to make some money to pay for the repair of Yagami.  They're not very successful at it since they don't even make enough money to pay for the ship's docking fee.  Lucky for them, a great opportunity arrives. A local Swimsuits Beauty Contest offers a million Jurai money to the winner.  Meanwhile, Nagi demands a duel with Ryoko, but she said it will have to wait until the contest is over.  Now all the girls are in to compete for the title of Miss Swimsuit.  And who would have thought that Nagi would win, but unfortunately Ryoko takes the price and flies out to space in the Yagami while Nagi still enjoying her glory.  So typical of Ryoko.  =o)

Episode #21: No Need For Checkpoint!
Now they are closed to their destination.  The only obstacle in their way is the heavily guraded security check point.  Disguised as an innocent group of students on a field trip, they manage to get through the check point until Mihoshi exposes them by unintentionally bringing her pistol with her.  With the help of Sasami's uncle and Sagami, they were able to escape into Jurai territory.

Episode #22: No Need For Knights!
Since the Tenchi gang is in Jurai territory, it's easy for Jurai ships to spot the Yagami.  While on watch duty, Mihoshi falls asleep and doesn't even know that a Jurai ship is right behind her.  Katsuhito tells them to head for the Jurai Santuary to get the most powerful help of all to accompany them to Jurai planet.  So the two legendary knights, Azaka and Kamidake, are ressurrected from their long sleep.  To everyone's surprise, Katsuhito turns out to be a Jurai's noble.  

Episode #23: No Need For Karma!
The shinto priest, Katsuhito, turns out to be the legendary warrior Yosho.  In this episode, the villain, Kagato, reveals himself.  While the two duels, Yosho uses his Jurai power and gets badly injured.  Ryoko, when she helps Yosho, is hurted by Kagato.  After the fight, Kagato captures Ayeka.  Yosho, then, gives Tenchi the Tenchi-ken to go rescue Ayeka.

Episode #24: No Need For Ryoko!
Ryoko begs Tenchi to not go to Jurai and forgets about Ayeka, but he has made his decision, and not even she can change it.  Because of her love for him, she sacrifices herself to help Tenchi to get to Jurai Palace to free Ayeka.  Ryoko is one couragous woman.

Episode #25: No Need For A Showdown!
Tenchi, Azaka and Kamidake storm the palace and head for the throne room.  However, they're stop by two powerful knights serving Jurai's fake emperor.  Tenchi's friends try to take out Tenchi's obstacles so he can fight his final opponent, Kagato, in one last battle. And of course our hero destroys the villain in that fight.  Good always wins in the end. =)    

Episode #26: No Need For A Conclusion!  
Everything comes to an end, but what about Ryoko?
Well, after the battle, Ayeka and Sasami are free of charge.  Washu is elected to be the honorary President of the Science Academy.  A month later, they discoverd that she's developing a powerful weapon with the ability to destroy the universe.  So she gets kicked out of the academy.  After returning to the headquarter, Mihoshi is promoted to Chief Crime Prevention.  Kiyone takes the position of Detective Sergeant.  
Tenchi declines the thrown that Ayeka offers him and goes back to earth with Nobuyuki and Katsuhito.  Life is back to normal for him, calm and peaceful.  Who would have thought Mihoshi and Kiyone would quit their job and go back to Earth.  So does Washu, the two princesses and even Ryoko.  She said to Tenchi, at the end, "Life is like a carnival.  It comes and goes, but if you wait long enough, it will come back to you."

Well, that's the end of the first TV series.  As for the second TV series, I decide not to do the summery.  It's mostly because I don't like it.  It has bad drawing, bad story, bad everything.  I just plain dislike it.  So I really won't waste my time and energy to write about something I don't like.